YouTube Keyword Research: A Complete Guide

May 27, 2024

What Is YouTube Keyword Research? YouTube keyword research involves finding words and phrases users enter into the YouTube search bar to find videos they want to watch. How to Do Keyword Research for YouTube VideosYou can find keywords for YouTube videos by leveraging one or more of the following methods:Use YouTube Keyword Research ToolsCheck Out the YouTube Analytics Research ReportUse YouTube’s Autocomplete FeatureAnalyze Your Competitors’ VideosDetermine the Search Intent of Your KeywordsCreate a Keyword MapYouTube keyword research tools show you what your target viewers search for on YouTube. Create a Keyword MapUse your YouTube keyword research to create a keyword map. Further reading: YouTube Channel Keywords: What They Are + 7 Best PracticesYouTube Keyword Research FAQsWe’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about YouTube keyword research and their answers below.

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