Yoast SEO 22.1: AI update and better language support

February 20, 2024

VAT) Get Yoast SEO Premium » Read reviews from real users 4.6 / 5In our most recent update, Yoast SEO 22.1, we are pleased to announce significant enhancements in our generative AI features. This improvement allows our Yoast SEO Premium customers to benefit from more advanced AI-generated meta descriptions and titles. With Yoast SEO Premium, we take care of this task for you, or at least get you 95% of the way. Update now to Yoast SEO 22.1We’re committed to keeping you on top of your game with the latest technological advancements. Yoast SEO 22.1 comes with fantastic new capabilities for our generative AI features, bug fixes, and schema updates.

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