Yoast SEO 21.2: An updated sidebar

September 24, 2023

VAT) Get Yoast SEO Premium » Read reviews from real users 4.6 / 5Hot on the heels of our AI release comes Yoast SEO 21.2. The update to our sidebar is particularly interesting in the 21.2 release of Yoast SEO. New and improved Yoast SEO sidebar in the block editorDropping support for WordPress 6.1We’ll drop support for WordPress 6.1 in Yoast SEO 21.2 to stay ahead with technology and provide optimal performance. Update now to the latest version of Yoast SEO and enjoy an optimized, user-friendly, and results-driven SEO experience! Effective SEO is a continuous process, so stay tuned for future updates and enhancements as we refine Yoast SEO to serve you better.

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