Yoast SEO 21.1 brings even more improvements

September 06, 2023

VAT) Get Yoast SEO Premium » Read reviews from real users 4.6 / 5Today, there’s a constant demand for more efficient and effective SEO practices. Building upon this foundation, we’re excited to present Yoast SEO 21.1, continuing our journey into optimizing your SEO with AI. Let generative AI in Yoast SEO help you make great titles and meta descriptionsMaking the most of Yoast SEO PremiumIf you’re still on the fence about including AI in your SEO strategy, we recommend trying out Yoast SEO Premium. Fixes and enhancementsAs usual with our new releases, Yoast SEO 21.1 brings a series of fixes and enhancements to boost performance. Be smarter with SEO in Yoast SEO 21.1!

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