WordPress Update Improves Page Speed With Smarter Script Loading

October 18, 2023

The latest update to WordPress, version 6.4, includes changes to how scripts are loaded on the front end that will improve page load times and performance for many sites. Script loading strategies are now incorporated into the core and bundled themes of WordPress, improving the performance of loading scripts with defer and async attributes. These attributes instruct the browser to load scripts in the background (async) or after the rest of the page has loaded (defer), which can significantly speed up the time it takes for a page to become interactive. Faster Page Loads With Intelligent Script HandlingPreviously, JavaScript files included in WordPress themes and plugins were loaded without specifying that they should load asynchronously. Real-World Impacts For Website VisitorsFor website visitors, pages with WordPress content will load faster after updating.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal