Why U.S. Brands Lose $2.4B A Year From Local Invisibility

June 07, 2023

Ho & Rollinson presented the results of the Local Visibility Index (LVI) and uncovered how costly it is to fall short of the high standards required for localized marketing. The Local Visibility Index: Results & Trends For 2023Let’s dive into the 2023 findings, exploring the significant outcomes and patterns observed. Local Visibility Index Results & TrendsThe average U.S. business:Is virtually invisible in 2 out of 3 local searches. In addition, brands still struggle to utilize local business schema on their landing pages. [Unlock significant growth potential for your business] Instantly accesses the on-demand webinar →[Slides] Why US Brands Lose $2.4B A Year From Local InvisibilityHere’s the presentation:Join Us For Our Next Webinar!

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal