Why to Trust Weighted Average Rank Over Average Rank

February 17, 2024

How to Calculate Weighted Average RankThe first step to calculating weighted average rank is to find the weighted rank of each keyword. Weighted Average Rank, 01/02/2020 = 45,000/20,500 = 2.195Weighted Average Rank, 01/03/2020 = 201,000/20,500 = 9.804As you can see, the weighted average rank presents a much different number than the average rank did – for the same two days and keywords! As proven by the calculations above, weighted average rank is a much better metric to follow when compared to average rank. How to Determine Weighted Average Rank at ScaleTo scale the process of calculating weighted average rank, use a proper rank tracker – it will reveal SEO metrics, including both average rank and weighted average rank for your tracked keywords. As you can see, the weighted average rank (dotted line) differs greatly from the average rank (solid line).

The source of this news is from SEO Clarity