Why Prediction Of 25% Search Volume Drop Due to Chatbots Fails Scrutiny

March 16, 2024

So-called AI search engines aren’t really AI search engines. It’s an interesting way to search but it’s not an actual AI-based search engine, there’s still a traditional search engine behind the chatbot. True AI Search Engines Are Not Economically ViableAI Search Engines are exponentially more expensive than traditional search engines. Gartner’s Prediction Of 25% Decrease Assumes Search Engines Will Remain UnchangedGartner predicts a 25% decrease in traditional search query volume by 2026 but that prediction assumes that traditional search engines will remain the same. For example, there is no consideration of the inability to of AI to create a fresh search index or that AI Chatbot search engines aren’t even actual AI search engines.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal