Why Google May Rank AI-Generated Content Over Original News

January 25, 2024

5 Reasons Why A News Article Ranks Well In Google Search And DiscoverUsing some examples mentioned in the 404 Media report, here are a few explanations as to why AI-generated content, duplicate content, syndicated content, content aggregators, and content thieves outrank original news sources. RecencyOne of the first explanations offered by Google SearchLiaison for AI-generated content outranking other publishers is the recency of news content when sorted by date. Originality.ai’s content scanner was 100% confident that one site’s content was AI-generated, while it was only 52% confident about the other’s. While not related to AI-generated content, Google Search Advocate John Mueller once noted that syndicated content could outrank original news sources because of the content on the website surrounding it. In April 2022, Mueller said that automatically generated content – including content created with generative AI tools – is against Google Search guidelines.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal