Why Gemini Will Not Replace Google Search

April 17, 2024

Search vs Chatbots vs Generative SearchAI search is much discussed but what’s often missing in those discussions is an agreement of what is meant by AI search. This is important because there are three ways to think about what is being discussed:Search engines (traditional search powered by AI on the backend)Chatbots (Gemini and ChatGPT)Generative Search (which are chatbots stacked on top of a traditional search engine like Perplexity.ai and Bing)The Phrase Traditional Search Is OutdatedWe still talk about traditional search and organic search as if it’s the same thing we’ve been talking about for the past 20+ years. Given that AI powers search from beginning to end, it’s time we maybe stop talking about traditional search and acknowledge what we’re dealing with, AI-Powered Search. SEOs are freaking out because they say that “AI search” will eventually just answers questions, as if Google didn’t already do that in featured snippets and knowledge graph search results and as f Google wasn’t already an AI search engine. See also: Google’s CEO On What Search Will Be Like In 10 YearsBlended Hybrid Search AKA Generative SearchWhat people currently call AI Search is also a misnomer.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal