Why Brands Should Prioritize Bottom Of Funnel Keywords In SEO

July 20, 2023

Because SEO resources are finite and bottom of funnel content (e.g., search queries with “transactional” search intent) generates tremendously more return on investment (ROI) on SEO spend than everything else. In our experience, that is bottom of funnel, transactional, keywords. In our experience, there are three common buckets of bottom of funnel keywords, only the first of which is commonly considered as bottom of funnel. Category KeywordsIf we use a hypothetical business that we’re all familiar with, SEO software, the obvious transactional keywords are things like “SEO software” or “best SEO tools.”Yes, those are very high-converting bottom of the funnel or transactional keywords that any SEO software brand should absolutely target. However, they are still much better than top of funnel queries like “SEO strategy,” “best SEO tips,” or even “digital marketing strategies,” which are typical top of funnel keywords companies go after but which have very little buying intent.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal