What Is Product Marketing? A Guide to Getting Started + Examples

November 24, 2023

This article will explore:The importance of product marketingRoles of product marketing managersSteps for creating an effective product marketing strategyInspiring product marketing ideas and examplesFirst, let’s clarify how product marketing differs from brand marketing and product management—areas people often confuse. Product ManagementWhile product marketing involves marketing product offerings, product management is about building and improving the product itself. Product Positioning and MessagingProduct Marketing Alliance’s State of Product Marketing report indicates “product positioning and messaging” as the main responsibilities of a product marketer. How to Create a Successful Product Marketing Strategy in 6 StepsA winning product marketing strategy ensures your product reaches the intended audience and resonates with them. These are the essential steps for creating a solid product launch plan:Set a timeline: Establish a clear timeline for your product launch.

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