What is on-page SEO?

June 30, 2023

VAT) Get Yoast SEO Premium » Read reviews from real users 4.6 / 5In SEO, there are on-page factors and off-page factors. In this post, we’ll explain all about on-page SEO and how it differs from off-page SEO, and we’ll talk about some on-page optimizations that can help you to rank better. Some off-page SEO factors include:Relevant links from other websites leading to your siteSocial media activityBusiness and map listingsExternal marketing activitiesPro tip: Find out more about on-page SEO with our front-end SEO inspector! Focusing on on-page SEO will also increase the chance that your off-page SEO strategy will be successful. Therefore, we consider SEO titles, meta descriptions, and structured data part of on-page SEO.

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