What Is Keyword Difficulty? (& How to Measure It)

April 19, 2024

Whether the Keyword Is BrandedIf a keyword includes a brand name (e.g., “iphone”), its SEO difficulty score will be higher. The Search Term’s Word CountFor our keyword difficulty metric, keywords with longer word counts tend to have lower difficulty scores. When you use Keyword Magic Tool, you can find long-tail keywords specific to your business (which are often longer) using the suggested groups and subgroups on the left-hand side:How to Check Keyword DifficultyYou can easily check keyword difficulty scores with Keyword Overview. If you’re conducting keyword research, the Keyword Magic Tool displays each keyword’s difficulty score in the “KD %” column. How to Create Rankable ContentNo matter what the keyword difficulty score is, you must create quality content to earn a top ranking.

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