What Is an SEO Specialist and How to Become One

September 13, 2023

Other roles, such as SEO experts and SEO managers, have extensive SEO knowledge and experience. Aspiring SEO specialists can start by taking a simple SEO certification class, such as Greg Gifford’s SEO Fundamentals course through Semrush Academy, which provides a solid foundation for more advanced SEO training. Starting as an SEO specialist can open doors to other high-paying career opportunities like:Search Engine MarketerSEO ManagerContent Marketer and Content Marketing ManagerMarketing AnalystDigital MarketerBusiness Marketing ConsultantLet's explore the job responsibilities of an SEO specialist. In an article for SearchEngineJournal, Ryan Jones, vice president of SEO at Razorfish, shared that when hiring an SEO specialist, he wants an SEO who can interpret data through the “3 What’s”:What happened? A light SEO website audit is a brief analysis of your website’s SEO performance, which doesn’t require backend access.

The source of this news is from Semrush