What is an H1 Tag? Best Practices & Examples

March 23, 2024

How to Add an H1 Tag in HTMLTo add a basic H1 tag directly to a page’s source code:Use an opening <h1> tag, enter your page title, and add a closing </h1> tag. Like this:<h1>Where SEO best practices meet real-world results</h1>4 H1 Tags Best PracticesHere are four H1 tag best practices that the Backlinko team personally adheres to 99% of the time:1. Use an H1 Tag on Every Important Website PageThe H1 tag is the most important header tag. Make Your H1 Tag Similar to Your Title TagPeople often get confused between the title tag and the H1 tag. Title tag example:Whereas the H1 tag appears on the webpage itself:Google says that it’s best to match the title tag of a webpage to the H1 tag.

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