What Is a PR Agency? How PR Can Help Businesses

April 06, 2023

Public relations, PR, PR team, PR Firm, PR Agency—it is a practice and a specialty that goes by many names, but performs one essential function: helping businesses and brands maintain a good public image. We’ll take a look at:What PR firms doWho makes up a PR teamImportant things to ask a PR team before hiring themWhen to hire a PR firm to help your businessLet’s get started! People from all walks of life hire PR firms:CelebritiesPoliticiansAthletesMedical professionalsExecutivesBusinesses across virtually every industry also hire PR teams. This service is especially vital for digital-forward companies looking for PR help. Social Media SpecialistsAs the name implies, many PR companies house at least one social media specialist or social media manager to monitor business social media channels, and build social media campaigns.

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