What Is a Meta Description? (+ How to Write One & Best Practices)

December 16, 2023

Further reading: Meta Robots Tag & X-Robots-Tag ExplainedHow to Write an SEO Meta Description (+ Best Practices)Use the following best practices to write better meta descriptions. Keep Meta Descriptions to 105 Characters (or 680 Pixels) in LengthWondering how long should a meta description be? For example, here is a meta description optimized for a product page:This meta description gives users a clear overview of the product and its specifications. In this case study, an online music store compared a CTA-focused meta description (the control) against a product-focused meta description (the variant). Implement Meta Description Best PracticesIf you’re looking to improve your meta descriptions, sign up for a free Semrush account (no credit card needed).

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