What Is a Content Brief?

January 31, 2024

What Is a Content BriefA content brief is a document that creates an outline of the key topics (and subtopics) you want covered – and that a content creator needs in order to produce quality content. Content Brief vs Creative BriefIt’s important to note that a content brief has some notable similarities – and difference from what is known as a “creative brief.” Creative briefs have many of the same content goals as content briefs, but the former is much broader in its application than the latter. What Is an SEO Content BriefPart of your content strategy should be to create an SEO content brief on any outline. Throughout the rest of this article the term “content brief” assumes the hybrid approach of combining the SEO content brief into your content brief template. Read: 5 Elements of a Highly Successful Content BriefHow Content Briefs Fit Into Content Marketing WorkflowsWe see the content marketing workflow as cyclical:Content marketers and SEO experts conduct research to determine the content strategy and how editorial content fits into that big picture.

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