What Does a Content Strategist Do?

March 15, 2024

The Role of the Content StrategistThe content strategist role has tended to be a marketing role, and tended to be conflated with content marketer and content creator. I feel strongly that content strategy needs to reside in the C-suite How on earth can you expect a content marketing manager to create and enforce a content strategy unless they have regular meetings with—and support from—the CEO? Erika Heald Founder & Chief Consulting Officer, Erika Heald ConsultingIndeed, and to “guide the creation, delivery, and governance of useful content,” content strategists must develop frameworks that facilitate all that. As the content strategist, you need to think about what content types would be most relevant to your audience and the workflows associated with it. If you are both the strategist, content creator, and content marketer, you should be thinking of developing for one channel and doing it well.

The source of this news is from Market Muse