What Data Science Can Do for Site Architectures

February 09, 2024

Internal Page Rank. Going with the above example, the median inbound internal links are 7 for site level 2 pages, which is about 5,000 times less than those in site level 1! From there, any pages that are, say, below the median or the 20th percentile (quantile in data science speak) for their given site level, a data scientist might conclude that these pages require more internal links. Revising True Internal Page Rank (TIPR)True Internal Page Rank (TIPR), as popularised by Kevin Indig, has taken a rather more sensible approach by incorporating the external PageRank, i.e., earned from backlinks. Introducing Revenue Internal Page Rank (RIPR)The other important question worth answering is: which content deserves higher rank positions?

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal