What Are Long-Tail Keywords, Why They Matter and How to Use Them

June 13, 2023

Similarly, although long-tail keywords are often characterized by having lower competition, there are instances where numerous companies vie for top rankings using the same long-tail keywords. In practically every blog post you can find online on long-tail keywords, you’ll find a similar graph:This graph is important to understand because it highlights the paradox of long-tail keywords. So it’s better to use a combination of general keywords and long-tail keywords. In addition, be sure to explore the keywords listed under the “Question keywords” and “Newly discovered” tabs to find even more long-tail keywords to work with. We have reached out to technical SEO expert and partner at Elementive, Matthew Edgar, to name his top sources for getting long-tail keywords, and here’s what he had to say:The best method for getting long-tail keywords is by interviewing your customers or users.

The source of this news is from SE Ranking