Webinar: The Changing Face of Marketing: Connecting with Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z by Third Door Media

May 15, 2023

Top trends in retail and how consumer generations influence themGen Z, Millennials and Gen X: How to connect with each generationDigital and retail trends by generation and mapping to experiencesFavorite content, brands, locations, and channels by generationThe art of attracting and selling to customers is undergoing rapid and unprecedented transformation. To stay relevant and competitive, brands must keep up with technological advances and ever-evolving consumer behavior.However, adapting to these changes is not straightforward, as each generation has unique needs, values, and expectations that brands need to consider when developing marketing strategies.Join Melissa Tatoris, Vice President of Retail Strategy and David Schey, Senior Vice President of Data Cloud Solutions, as they reveal extensive research and insights into the newest trends shaping retail, from the emergence of “phygital” retail to the latest in experiential innovations, loyalty programs, and live-streaming. Melissa and David will also explain how brands can leverage these insights to create customer experiences tailored to each generation's unique needs.

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