Video Schema: What It Is & How to Implement It

November 07, 2023

Standard Video Schema Properties Properties Descriptions name* Name or title of the video thumbnailUrl* URL of the video thumbnail image uploadDate* Publish date of the video contentUrl URL of the actual video file description Video description duration Video duration in ISO 8601 format embedUrl URL of the video player where the video is embedded expires Expiration date of the video hasPart Used to nest the Clip properties interactionStatistic Number of total views the video has regionsAllowed Places where the video is allowed Broadcast Event (Live Badge) publication* Used to nest BroadcastEvent properties when the video is live publication.endDate* Date/time when the live stream ends publication.isLiveBroadcast* Boolean value that defines if the video is live or has ended publication.startDate* Date/time when the live stream starts Clip name* Name of the clip startOffset* Start time for the clip endOffset End time for the clip url* URL of the video that points to the starting of the clipLearn more from Google’s documentation on schema markup for videos. How to Implement Video SchemaIt’s easy to implement video schema markup. Create the Video Schema Markup CodeFirst, create your video schema markup code. Add the Video Schema Markup Code to the WebpageNow, you need to add your schema markup code to your webpage. Here are some best practices for successful video schema implementation:Include keywords naturally in video schema properties like the name and descriptionEnsure all of Google’s required properties are presentUpdate the schema markup code whenever there are changes to the videoValidate video schema markup code every time before implementingAudit your site regularly to find and fix any new schema issuesEnsure the video thumbnail image link is accessible to GoogleKeep track of the how your video rich snippets perform organicallyMeasuring the Impact of Video Schema on SEOImplementing schema markup for videos can undoubtedly improve their organic reach.

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