Value-based bidding: Why it’s key to boosting your Google Ads

February 08, 2024

More advertisers are exploring the potential of value-based bidding (VBB). The traditional application of value-based biddingValue-based bidding in Google Ads is standard practice for ecommerce websites. Dig deeper: How non-retail advertisers can embrace value-based bidding in Google AdsException: Value-based bidding for lead generation advertisersVBB is still not the default implementation in most Google Ads lead gen accounts because it is considered a more advanced approach. Approaches to value-based biddingTwo key approaches emerge within value-based bidding, each offering its unique advantages. Michael De Boeck posted on LinkedIn that he doesn’t like value-based bidding because it is positioned as the “ultimate upgrade” for lead generation campaigns.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land