Use of AI for SEO and content to grow 5x this year

March 08, 2023

But that also means SEOs are being asked to drive more revenue and conversions without a greater investment in SEO. 58% plan to use AI for content and SEO in 2023. Search marketers want to use AI-generated content – but they just haven’t quite figured out how yet, according to BrightEdge:Only 10% of marketers use AI for SEO content generation, but 58% aim to this year. ChatGPT and similar tools can generate content quickly – but quality remains a concern due to AI “hallucination” and many SEOs worry Google will be able to detect and penalize AI content. Now, Google cares less whether a human or AI writes your content, as long as your content is helpful to people and not created to manipulate the search results.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land