Turning an Outline Into an Article Draft Using ChatGPT (and MarketMuse)

April 16, 2023

5 min readLet’s turn a previously built article outline prompt, along with its output, into another ChatGPT prompt we can use to create the actual draft. If you’re using the MarketMuse ChatGPT integration, you’re already miles ahead of the game — the article draft prompt includes MarketMuse data. Generating an Outline Using a Detailed PromptWe already did this in the previous post, How to Create a Blog Post Outline Using ChatGPT (and MarketMuse). Add the Outline to the Article PromptWe built the previous ChatGPT prompt to generate an outline. TakeawaysCreating a ChatGPT prompt that generates an article from an outline only takes a few tweaks to the original prompt.

The source of this news is from Market Muse