Turbulence ahead: The wrath of the March 2024 core update is not linear

March 25, 2024

SEOs are already speculating about which update did what to which sites (the March 2024 core update or March 2024 spam update) and what sites should or shouldn’t be doing. Hopefully, it will help give the March 2024 core update a bit of context as we wait this thing out. With the March 2024 core update, you’re going to most likely see various sets of reversals as the update is both longer and more complex than usual. An absolute heap of rank reversalsNo, not every bit of the rank volatility we’re seeing with the March 2024 core update is a reversal. So despite me not being that old to actually remember it, this catchy slogan still applies as the March 2024 core update continues to roll, “buckle up for safety, buckle up, always buckle up.”

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land