Top Trends in Ecommerce for 2023 & Beyond

June 15, 2023

Our new report, “The Future of Ecommerce Is Now: Industry Insights for 2023 & Beyond,” seeks to uncover current ecom trends and offer insights into where the industry is headed. Considering typical seasonal trends in ecommerce, 2023 holds the potential to be another record-breaking year for the ecommerce industry, particularly when taking into account the approaching holiday shopping season. In early 2023, Direct traffic dominated the ecommerce industry, accounting for over 53% of all traffic. Turn Data Into Action: Semrush’s New Ecommerce BundlesAlong with the 2023 Ecommerce Report, Semrush has released two new software bundles designed to help with the unique challenges faced by ecommerce business owners and marketers. The Amazon Accelerator Bundle lets you gather Amazon-related competitive intelligence, benchmark against the competition, choose the right keywords, pricing, descriptions, and moreThe Ecommerce .Trends Bundle allows you to optimize your ecommerce strategy across every channel.

The source of this news is from Semrush