Title Tag Strategy: Get More Targeted Traffic

May 11, 2023

Title Tag Strategy: Get More Targeted Traffic and SalesTitle Tags: Let the Data SpeakWhy Dynamically Add Pricing Information to Your Titles? Changing Title TagsTitle Tag Pricing Strategy - What This Means to YouMake data-backed decisions with Rank Ranger's advanced rank tracking and reporting. While working as the SEO manager at a small marketing agency, Darrell discovered his love of marketing and SEO. We all know how to optimize title tags, right?Add your target keyword and make sure your title doesn’t exceed 60 characters.Then, move on to something else.Well, guess what.There are ways to optimize your title tag to get you more targeted clicks.How?In this post, I’ll show you a title tag strategy I discovered using the Rank Ranger rank tracker and how you can use the strategy to increase traffic and sales.But first, let me show you how I discovered this nifty little title tag nugget.I was recently looking at the Rank Ranger SEO monitor for the keyword ‘flight from London’.I noticed something amazing. An obvious commercial intent.But peel away at the onion and you’ll notice a secondary intent.Price.That means you should include the secondary intent in your title tag.

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