Time To Replace the Content Marketing Funnel (3 Alternatives)

March 18, 2024

You won’t read anything good about the content marketing funnel in this article. What is a content marketing funnel, anyway? Because of that, the content marketing funnel simply isn’t helpful for creating content that’s enjoyable for the user and effective for the business. So for example, for a content marketing tool, topics with high business potential would include content marketing metrics, “B2B content marketing”, “content ideation”, “content optimization”, and “content distribution” (and not an interview with content marketers or “history of content marketing”, etc.). Staying with the content marketing tool example, topics you would create content about could look like this: “what is content marketing” (conceptual), “developing a content marketing strategy” (strategic), “how to promote content” (tactical).

The source of this news is from Ahrefs