TikTok Tells All: Using Trend Data to Influence SEO Decisions

May 15, 2024

To learn how to utilize and track TikTok data at scale to prepare for and take advantage of changes in search, trends, and customer demand, continue reading. Insight into TikTok trends can help SEOs get answers on what’s new, popular, and trending for their market – especially for younger consumers. We’ve built the largest data set for uncovering featured snippet opportunities, People Also Ask, and now, as new data sources emerge, we’ve continued to expand our insights to include TikTok data. TikTok Keywords are words used by TikTok advertisers in their ads and can be referenced to inform your SEO keyword research with degrees of popularity. TikTok Hashtags display the most popular hashtags used by creators on TikTok.

The source of this news is from SEO Clarity