The Top 3 Google Ranking Factors That Really Matter

October 29, 2023

There isn’t an official Google ranking factors blueprint or checklist that you can follow. The “Google 200 Ranking Factors” MythBefore we list what are important factors and signals for ranking, we need to talk about the mythical list of 200 ranking factors that Google allegedly uses. What Yandex Revealed About Ranking FactorsThe Yandex ranking factors leak of January 2023 revealed Yandex uses around 690 ranking factors, give or take. Google Ranking Factors TakeawayThe main thing to take away from this article is that ranking and SERP visibility is not a straightforward application of “here is a list of ranking factors that we can work with.”It’s one of the reasons why this industry is such an exciting and challenging space to work in. If you want to read more about ranking factors with a focus to prioritize facts and not speculation, then download a copy of Ranking Factors 2023 ebook.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal