The State of Generative AI

June 07, 2023

5 min readHas your organization flirted with the idea of using generative AI to improve your productivity, output, and marketing efforts? Summary The session focuses on a research study conducted by Market Muse and IPullRank on the state of generative AI, discussing its impact on content strategy, workflows, and trust and adoption. TakeawaysGenerative AI is becoming an essential part of content strategy, but trust and adoption remain key challengesThe state of generative AI report revealed that a majority of content creators and marketers are now utilizing AI-generated content to some degree. Ultimately, the panelists concluded that generative AI is here to stay and presents enormous opportunities for content creators and marketers. Interesting InsightsText is the most common use case for generative AI, followed by imagery and video.

The source of this news is from Market Muse