The SGE Snippet Study by SE Ranking

February 26, 2024

Ads at the top of the SERP accompany SGE snippets more often than shopping ads, but shopping ads tend to appear above the SGE snippet. The graph below displays the percentage of keywords that triggered an SGE snippet, had the Generate button, ended with a technical error, or didn’t have an SGE snippet at all:Here is our breakdown of the results after checking 100,013 keywords:SGE snippet: The SGE answer with text was generated for 18,455 keywords (about 18.5%). Generate SGE snippet: In 45,111 cases (45.1%), Google offered to generate an SGE answer via the Generate button. No SGE snippet: In 12,342 cases (around 12.3% of the total keywords analyzed), no SGE snippet appeared. The most frequent number of pre-click links in an SGE snippet:Post-click links: When expanding the SGE snippet, the number of links increased.

The source of this news is from SE Ranking