The ROI of SEO: How to Measure SEO ROI (with Formulas)

May 16, 2024

It looks like this:Revenue from SEO − Cost of SEOSEO ROI = -------------------------------------------------------------- ×100Cost of SEOFor example, if the revenue from SEO is $5,000. And the total SEO cost was $2,000, then:5,000 − 2,000SEO ROI = ----------------------------------------- ×100 = 150%2,000However, SEO ROI depends on multiple factors. Use the same formula you saw before:SEO ROI = (SEO revenue - SEO costs) / SEO costsLet’s assume that in one month, your SEO campaign generated $200,000. Challenges of Calculating and Communicating SEO ROINow, let’s look at the nuances and challenges of calculating and communicating SEO ROI. Improve your SEO ROI with Semrush’s SEO tools:Examine a domain’s SEO growth trends with Domain OverviewAnalyze your competitors’ website traffic with Traffic AnalyticsMonitor your (and your competitors’) keyword rankings with Position Tracking toolGet started enhancing your SEO ROI with a free Semrush account today.

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