The Only 3 Keyword Monitoring Tools You Need

June 30, 2023

Hence, marketers use keyword monitoring tools for two purposes:Search engine optimization (SEO)PR and social media managementIn this article, I’ll go through three tools you’ll need to get both jobs done (and even a bit more). You can use it not only for keyword monitoring but also for your entire SEO strategy. Key use casesAhrefs offers three tools within the suite that help with keyword monitoring: Rank Tracker, Site Explorer, and Ahrefs Alerts. Key use casesHere’s how a trend tracking tool can bring keyword monitoring to a higher level:Discover and track trending keywords in your nicheGlimpse offers another level of keyword monitoring: niche monitoring. Final thoughtsFor SEO and social media keyword monitoring, two tools will get you fully covered: Ahrefs and Mention.

The source of this news is from Ahrefs