The Eco-mode project: reducing the energy consumption of WordPress websites

April 22, 2023

A few of us Yoasters also joined the event and participated in the eco-mode project, a project with the goal to have an impact on global internet energy consumption. The Eco-mode project was born, prior to the hackathon, out of the intention to lower the total energy consumption of WordPress websites, by reducing the outgoing HTTP requests a website performs. Our approach for the Eco-mode pitch was simple: We were looking for developers that cared about optimizing the performance of WordPress sites while also reducing their energy consumption. But to make things even better, our Eco-mode project won 3 awards! The Visionary Catalyst awardaward The Future of The Web awardaward The #CFHack2023 Champion awardThe Eco-Mode project team winning an award.

The source of this news is from Yoast