The case against Moz’s Domain Authority

September 12, 2023

During the presentation, Ryan Brock, Chief Solution Officer at DemandJump, presented their data on why Domain Authority is worthless. A brief history of Moz’s Domain Authority and its calculationsAs part of the research for this article, I looked into the history of Domain Authority to provide some context to the story. Why Moz's Domain Authority is a flawed search engine metricReason 1: It's at the domain levelMy big problem with Domain Authority has always been that Google's PageRank was designed to judge webpages, not domains. Usually, when I debate about Domain Authority, some variation of the "internal links matter, and that's what I really mean when I say 'domain authority'" argument above comes out. Meanwhile, as we all know, an entire link and domain buying and selling micro-economy exists with Domain Authority as its core metric.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land