Suspended Google Ads advertisers may be required to pass advertiser verification

September 14, 2023

Google will soon require some suspended advertisers to go through the advertiser verification process to be reinstated. This new policy will impact “selected advertisers whose accounts were suspended,” but will not impact advertisers who are on on monthly invoicing, Google explained. Instead of simply submitting a suspension appeal, some advertisers will first need to go through the verification process to be allowed to submit an appeal. Google wrote, “In October 2023, selected advertisers whose accounts were suspended due to a violation of our Google Ads policies must complete Advertiser verification first to be able to appeal their account suspension.”“Advertisers on monthly invoicing are not required to complete Advertiser verification and may directly appeal their account suspension.”When is this happening. This will likely cause a bit of a headache to some advertisers who had their accounts suspended.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land