Subdomains vs Subdirectories Research: 20K Keywords Analysed

April 01, 2024

At the very least we wanted to understand how popular different domain structures were and how prevalent International SEO domain structures were in Google’s SERPs. What are ccTLDs, gTLDs, Subdomains and Subdirectories? – – France gTLDs gTLDs are domains that aren’t associated with specific locations and are typically used in conjunction with subdomains or subdirectories for International SEO purposes. We looked at ccTLDs, gTLDs with subdomains, gTLDs with subdirectories and also gTLDs with no evidence of market specific subdomains or subdirectories. There are a lot more considerations that go into International SEO, which you can read about in our International SEO white paper.

The source of this news is from SE Ranking