Setting up event parameters in GA4: Everything you need to know

August 23, 2023

Event parameter types in GA4There are two types of event parameters in GA4, depending on how they are captured by the tool:Automatically collected parameters : GA4 automatically captures a set of parameters. Customized event parameters can be configured via:Google Tag ManagerGA4How to configure event parameters via Google Tag ManagerThe most recommended option for creating event parameters – whether enhanced, recommended, or customized – is through Google Tag Manager. When creating or configuring event parameters, check the recommended parameters provided by Google for this event:Take into account the parameters you need when configuring the event in Google Tag Manager. All of them could be set up as parameters:How to configure event parameters via GA4Although creating new parameters via Google Tag Manager is strongly recommended, GA4 also allows creating or editing existing event parameters directly within the tool itself. Setting up event parameters is crucial for a holistic analysis of your website.

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