SEO Tracking: Tips and Tools to Monitor Your SEO Progress

September 29, 2023

SEO Progress Tracking: A Comprehensive GuideWritten by Yulia Deda Reviewed by Valerii Khomenko 20 min readShare article:When it comes to SEO tracking, we have some good and not-so-good news to share with you. For good SEO tracking, you only need three tools: GA4, GSC, and automated SEO solutions like SE Ranking. How to Track SEO ResultsTo ensure you don’t miss out on anything important, we’ve outlined the three key steps of a typical SEO tracking process. Tools for SEO TrackingTo be fair, choosing the right SEO tracking tool can be tricky. SEO Tracking TipsNow that we know which metrics and tools are important for measuring SEO performance, let’s look at some practical SEO tracking tips to help you track, analyze, and adjust your SEO tactics.

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