SEO Strategists Explained: What They Do and How to Become One

November 09, 2023

Content Brief CreationDepending on client needs, SEO professionals may also create SEO content briefs for writers. Key SEO Strategist SkillsAn SEO strategist needs a blend of technical proficiency, creativity, and communication skills to be successful. Analytical skills help SEO strategists identify patterns in data, find the root causes of issues, and determine the best solutions. How to Become an SEO StrategistNow that you know what it takes, here’s how to get started with an SEO strategist career:Learn SEO BasicsTo become a successful SEO strategist, start by gaining a solid understanding of SEO principles through self-study, online courses, or formal education. Gain Practical ExperienceAfter gaining foundational knowledge in SEO, aspiring SEO strategists should actively apply this knowledge by implementing SEO strategies on personal websites or small-scale projects.

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