SEO product management: Key framework and fundamentals

March 16, 2023

Two qualities are at the core of what makes a great SEO product manager:This article will cover how to think critically and creatively in the following areas of SEO product management:Fundamentals for SEO product managersThese fundamental tips can help SEO product managers (PMs) accomplish day-to-day tasks while strategizing for the future:Trust but verifyWhen validating technical SEO work done in the code, don’t assume everything has been implemented correctly. Create and circulate an SEO playbook for your organizationsAs the SEO PM, you will provide guidance on technical SEO elements. SEO impact How does this fix or improvement impact our SEO performance (low, medium, high)? SEO Requirements or Recommendations Outlines what technical SEO elements need to be fixed or addressed (allow the Dev team to define how). </rant>Thinking critically as an SEO product managerCritical thinking skills are like a muscle; the more you use them, the stronger they get.

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