SEO News You Can Use: There Is No Best Word Count for SEO – Google

July 30, 2023

Using the hashtag #PeopleNotRobots, the Google Search Liaison’s Twitter account once again reminded publishers and creators that Search has no preferred word count when ranking content in their results pages. In the help document, they said that you should “avoid search engine-first content.” They also emphasized that Google doesn’t have a preferred word count:“Are you writing to a particular word count because you’ve heard or read that Google has a preferred word count? )”The SEO community is inquisitive of this reminder since they see higher word count content ranking better in Google’s SERPs. That’s definitely not the case.”Another user asked why AdSense is rejecting websites with “thin content.”The Google Search Liaison explains that “thin” doesn’t necessarily mean low word count. The AMP Analytics tag can give insights into the following areas: page data, user data, browsing data, browser data, interaction data and event data.

The source of this news is from SEO Blog