SEO News You Can Use: Links Not a Top-Three Ranking Factor Anymore – Google Expert

October 07, 2023

Remember when Google said that links were a top-three ranking factor in 2016? In November 2022, Duy Nguyen, a member of Google’s Search Quality team, said “backlinks as a signal has a lot less significant impact” than before. Google Search Central : This resource database contains everything you need “to improve the SEO of your website.”Google Search Console : This collection of tools provides insight into your website’s performance in the Google search engine results (SERPs). Google Launches Generative AI Courses: If you’re looking to upskill on generative AI, Google now provides two options for you – Beginner and Advanced. In collaboration with DeepLearning.AI, you can choose between the free “Introduction to Generative AI” course for beginners or the paid “Generative AI for Developers,” which is the advanced path built for developers, engineers and data scientists.

The source of this news is from SEO Blog