SEO KPIs: Embracing user-centric metrics

February 06, 2024

This article proposes a paradigm shift: integrating dynamic, user-centric metrics into established SEO KPI frameworks. From static benchmarks to dynamic insightsGoogle’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines mention the word “user” more than 800 times across 168 pages, including an entire section called “Understanding Search User Needs.”But despite being important to Google and critical for success in SEO, user-centric SEO metrics are rarely used to support SEO KPIs and goals. Dynamic user-centric metrics capture behavioral signals that change continuously, reflecting the ongoing interaction between users and a website. Implementing dynamic SEO metrics in diverse contextsExpanding existing SEO KPI frameworks to include dynamic, user-centric metrics can help create a more holistic view of overall SEO performance and existing opportunities. Dig deeper: 10 SEO challenges faced by fast-growing SaaS companiesRethinking SEO metrics through a user-centric lensWhen you incorporate user-focused data into your SEO metrics, you can enhance your approach to SEO.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land