SEO Jobs in Plano, TX (2024 Case Study)

May 02, 2024

As part of our comprehensive analysis of the SEO job market in 2024, we evaluated 241 job postings in Plano, TX, a significant hub within the Dallas, TX, metropolitan area. Plano Offers 157% More SEO Job OpportunitiesPlano, TX, shows a robust job market with precisely 241 SEO job opportunities analyzed, significantly more than the national average extracted from 9,365 SEO job listings. 58.4% of SEO Jobs in Plano, TX, Require Mid-Level ExperienceTypically, experience is categorized in three ways: entry, mid, and senior-level expertise. Top 5 SEO Skills in Demand in PlanoPlano’s most in-demand SEO skills highlight the diverse expertise needed to succeed in the field:SEO: Proficiency in on-page, off-page, and technical SEO (including SEO audit), XML sitemaps, along with search engine algorithms and SEO tools. Social Media Marketing: Skills in all social media channels, content creation, content optimization, audience engagement, and social media analytics.

The source of this news is from Gotch SEO