SEO Jobs in Los Angeles, CA (2024 Case Study)

April 27, 2024

Recently, we performed an analysis of the SEO job market in Los Angeles, CA. Here’s what we discovered:Key TakeawaysThe average SEO salary in LA is $71,917.18, 12% above the national average. The Average Annual Salary for SEO Jobs in Los Angeles is $71,917.18 (12% Higher Than the National Average)In the job descriptions of SEO Jobs in Los Angeles, CA, the average salary is $71,917.18, which is about 7% higher than the national average of $64,032. For example, understanding analytics tools, analysis skills, account manager experience, communication skills, content marketing expertise, user experience optimization, writing skills, etc. It also requires the same level of education and experience as most SEO jobs in the US.

The source of this news is from Gotch SEO